Portrait of Governor Rick ScottA Message from Governor Rick Scott

A Message from Governor Rick Scott

Florida Hispanic Heritage Month 2014

September 15–October 15:
"Hispanic Culture: Living the American Dream in Florida"

Florida's diverse communities help make our state a special place to live and work. During Hispanic Heritage Month we take time to recognize how Florida's growing Hispanic population enhances Florida culture while also strengthening Florida's ties to Spain and Latin America. As a state with a historic and contemporary relationship with the Spanish-speaking world, we owe much to the contributions of our Hispanic citizens who have enriched our communities with their traditions and cultural practices while pursuing the American dream. This year it was also an honor to appoint Carlos Lopez-Cantera as the first Hispanic Lieutenant Governor of Florida. Lieutenant Governor Carlos Lopez-Cantera has been a major part in building an opportunity economy in Florida. The Lieutenant Governor is an example of the contributions Hispanic leaders are making to ensure our state is the best place in the nation to live and raise a family.

As Floridians celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, it is my privilege to honor the lives and traditions of Hispanic Floridians with this year's theme, "Hispanic Culture: Living the American Dream in Florida." Florida's history has been written, in part, by the contributions of strong Hispanic leaders who have helped shape Florida. The 2014 Hispanic Heritage Month Contests will help students appreciate those contributions and consider the important role of Hispanic culture in our great state.

We remain focused on ensuring that every Floridian can get a great job and education. With over 620,000 private-sector jobs created since December 2010, we've come a long way, but there is still work to do. Let's keep working to create an opportunity economy in Florida for generations to come.

Governor Rick Scott